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We’ve always been driven by the desire to pioneer products that change the landscape as well as our everyday lives.

When we worked with our founding partner Fujitsu General to develop the world’s first cooling application for desert conditions, it was game changing. For our company, our clients and our industry. Indeed, this was to form the basis of our business blueprint, which remains true today.

Partner with the best, employ the best and deliver the best.

Together we have come a very long way, and celebrated many milestones and successes. 

However, as our organisation grows and our footprint expands we have to keep evolving; pushing boundaries and challenging expectations.

Customer-focused innovation remains our life-blood, and this is fed by our enduring partnerships with world-class brands.

It’s because of such collaborations that we’ve been able to keep delivering the groundbreaking technologies needed to address the unique environmental challenges of our region. 

Today, with the emergence of new air conditioning technologies and the increasing demand for energy efficient systems and services, the industry faces many challenges.

We are  investing and re-investing in research and development to ensure we drive the environmental agenda in the region. 

We realise that with our success comes responsibility: to our clients, partners, people and environment.

Taqeef’s commitment is to build our business with inclusion and integrity, while enriching our communities and enhancing our competitiveness. 

We are on an exciting journey, and together, I believe we pave the way for a better future for Taqeef, our clients and communities.