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Abu Dhabi QCC identifies Taqeef as a top supplier

16 Jan 2019   Technical Review Middle East

Taqeef is the UAE’s leading AC distributer. (Image source: Zoltan Matuska/Pixabay)

Taqeef, the UAE’s leading AC distributor, has been recognised by Abu Dhabi Quality and Conforming Council (QCC) Appreciation Award as one of the Top 20 Suppliers in the market

The award identifies excellence and quality in the current and future projects and products in Abu Dhabi.

Companies such as Taqeef have been awarded the Abu Dhabi Trustmark due to their high quality, high performance and conformity to safety requirements.

QCC is a council of Abu Dhabi's regulators and industry that aims to raise the quality of Abu Dhabi's exports as well as products traded locally. Additionally, this recognition highlights companies’ contribution to the UAE’s economic development as a successful industry leader.

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Awards / Achievements

Superbrands – UAE’s Choice 2017

Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council

Midea Annual Sales Gold Award 2018

Midea Honorary Award

Midea Most Influential Project Contribution Award 2017

Midea Premier Partner of the Year

Palestine Polytechnic University Appreciation Award 2019

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شكر وتقدير من دائرة التنمية الاقتصادية في دبي

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Superbrands – UAE’s Choice 2018

Superbrands – UAE’s Choice 2019

Superbrands – UAE’s Choice 2019

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