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Midea Celebrates 50 Years in Business

08 Jan 2019   Dubai PR Network

Midea Celebrates 50 Years in Business

The world’s largest air-conditioning and home appliances manufacturer, Midea, has experienced exponential growth in recent years

Midea urges industry regulators and customers to be aware of counterfeit products

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 31st December, 2018 –   Midea, the world’s largest air-conditioning and home appliances manufacturer, and first company from the Chinese household appliances industry to enter the Fortune Global 500, is celebrating a significant milestone this month, marking 50 successful years in business. 

A front runner in the home appliance industry, the company is marking five decades of innovation and growth with operations in 21 production facilities worldwide and 260 logistical partners, including Taqeef, the Middle East’s leading air conditioning solutions provider. 

The Midea name has been synonymous with excellence in air conditioning manufacture and its industry position has experienced steady growth with the Group’s 2017 Annual Report revealing that the manufacturer had achieved a total revenue of RMB241.92 billion (approx. USD37.18 billion), up 51.35% compared to 2016, and a net profit of RMB18.61 billion (approx. USD2.86 billion), representing a year-on-year increase of 17.33%.

However, like many innovative and respected brands operating successfully globally, Midea has become a target of counterfeiting and has witnessed some of its key products being manufactured and sold. By greatly compromising quality and reliability, these products are being sold on the open-market under a slightly different name and otherwise passed-off as the original. 

Mr. Bihong Ding, Middle East Sales Director, said: “This is an important milestone for us at Midea and our 50 years in business is testament to our attention to detail, quality and technological innovation. However, as an internationally recognised pioneer of household appliances with growing global operations and an increasingly intelligent supply chain system, this is also why we have captured the attention of counterfeiters who attempt to copy our products. 

“We only partner with trusted distributors, such as Taqeef, and those with the necessary knowledge and expertise to honour our commitment to the highest level of quality and customer care with regards to service and maintenance. There should be no compromise when it comes to quality and safety.” 

He continued: “We urge industry regulators and customers to be vigilant as the impact of counterfeit goods goes beyond economic repercussions and extends to more hazardous safety and security implications. For the consumer, even if fake goods seem to initially work as well as the originals, serious reliability risks remain as the counterfeit would not have been subject to Midea’s rigorous quality assurance processes.” 

One powerful step in combatting the supply of counterfeit goods is partnering with a trusted and reputable distributor. Taqeef is the exclusive distributor of Midea air-conditioners in the UAE, authorized to sell, install and maintain the units to the highest standards, ensuring product integrity and safety.

Tariq Al Ghussein, CEO of Taqeef, said: “Since we began working with Midea in 2007, we have had great success in achieving some remarkable results. We are proud to celebrate Midea’s 50th Anniversary year, a company that share our passion for innovation and quality and we look forward to focus our combined expertise ensuring steady supply of premium and genuine products to the UAE market.”

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Awards / Achievements

Superbrands – UAE’s Choice 2017

Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council

Midea Annual Sales Gold Award 2018

Midea Honorary Award

Midea Most Influential Project Contribution Award 2017

Midea Premier Partner of the Year

Palestine Polytechnic University Appreciation Award 2019

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Superbrands – UAE’s Choice 2018

Superbrands – UAE’s Choice 2019

Superbrands – UAE’s Choice 2019

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