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Taqeef unveils smart home temp control thermostat

Gulf COnstruction
24 Jul 2018 PUBLISHED

Taqeef, a leading provider of air conditioning solutions in Middle East, said it has launched a new energy-saving smart home temperature control thermostat that would help curb the wasteful AC consumption habits of UAE residents.

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Taqeef survey reveals wasteful AC consumption by UAE residents

Climate Control
24 Jul 2018 PUBLISHED

Dubai, UAE, 24 July 2018: A YouGov poll on the electricity consumption habits of United Arab Emirates residents was commissioned by cooling and energy-solutions provider Taqeef, as a consumer-awareness initiative, the company announced in a Press communiqué.

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Taqeef commissioned poll reveals wasteful AC consumption habits of UAE residents

24 Jul 2018 PUBLISHED

The poll revealed that a quarter (25%) leave their AC on at home all day while they are out at work.

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A united front

Climate Control
17 May 2018 PUBLISHED

n Japan, energy insecurity paves the way for partnership and bespoke solutions. Championing a holistic approach to develop more resilient communities, public and private sectors present a united front in championing energy efficiency, both in supply and demand. How are air conditioning manufacturers participating in this dialogue while maintaining competitive advantage in the global market? Hannah Jo Uy has the story…

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‘Energy efficiency is a top priority’

Climate Control
15 May 2018 PUBLISHED

Compressors are the heart of HVAC equipment. What are the key market drivers propelling the segment? Benwen Lopez reports…

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Go big, or go home

Climate Control
15 May 2018 PUBLISHED

Into its 50th year, Midea seems keen on reflecting China’s ethos of thinking big. Hannah Jo Uy has this report, after touring three of the company’s factories, in Nansha, Shunde and Chongqing

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A tour of Midea’s facilities in China

10 Apr 2018 PUBLISHED

A comprehensive look at the culture behind Midea’s residential air conditioning (RAC) and commercial air conditioning (CAC) factories in Nansha and Shunde in Guangzhou, and the chiller factory in Chonquing, which leverages investments in both automation and highly-skilled human workforce.

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Taqeef asks students to design heating and cooling for Mars project

Climate Control
04 Apr 2018 PUBLISHED

Matter CSR programme focuses on getting STEM resources into less-well-funded schools in the UAE, says company representative

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Meet Merhan

Taqeef launches Fujitsu General’s VRF Airstage V-III Tropical Series

Fujitsu General’s VRF Airstage V-III Tropical Series Seminar

Midea – world’s largest chiller manufacturer

Midea Mission Series

iMatter ‘Mission to Mars’

Midea Quattro

Midea AC Factory

Tropical Innovation Series

Fujitsu General – Creation of Comfort

Midea Kids Air – conditioner Series

Awards / Achievements

Superbrands – UAE’s Choice 2017

Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council

Midea Annual Sales Gold Award 2018

Midea Honorary Award

Midea Most Influential Project Contribution Award 2017

Midea Premier Partner of the Year

Palestine Polytechnic University Appreciation Award 2019

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Superbrands – UAE’s Choice 2018

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Superbrands – UAE’s Choice 2019

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